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The QFD Handbook
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简介:Everything you need to design, implement, and manage a successful QFD program The QFD Handbook is a total how-to guide for companies planning to initiate a QFD program as well as those that already have one in place. Over the course of 23 contributed chapters, organized according to subject area, this book tutors managers and engineers in basic and advanced QFD principles and practices. Among more advanced topics covered are Taguchi methods, FMEA, TRIZ, and Business Process Reengineering. In addition to traditional application areas, you will find in-depth discussions of QFD in ISO 9000, QS 9000, environmental life cycle, service design, robust design, and software design. On the disk Designed to function in conjunction with the book or as a stand-alone tool for everyday use, the QFD/Pathway software helps QFD teams to develop, deploy, and manage a complete QFD program. This user-friendly, interactive software tool provides valuable assistance at each step of the QFD process, helping members define customer needs, establish goals, translate goals into specific actions, overcome common roadblocks, and more. The QFD Handbook is an indispensable resource for executives, managers, engineers, and R&D professionals who want their companies to survive and thrive in today's supercompetitive industrial marketplace.

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